writing well

writing well

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Does your story need therapy?
Beta Reading
Content/Developmental Editing

Like most people these days, I wear a lot of hats. In addition to being a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist/counselor/coach, I'm also a published author. And, like most writers, I love to read. So, with that in mind, I've started an editing service for writers.

This service is based on what I often hire readers to do for me: give an informed opinion about my polished (mostly) WIP. Another set of knowledgeable eyes on the pages. I'll be your Story Coach.

Rather than proofreading/line editing, I'll give a developmental/content critique, focusing on your plot and characters, as well as my impressions of the tale as it unfolds. I'll pay extra attention to emotions and relationships, and will give suggestions to make your story better.

I prefer to read an entire manuscript so I can spot any problem areas in the story arc.

I edit: urban fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, suspense, romantic suspense, psychological thriller, mystery, humor/chick lit, women's fiction, contemporary romance and erotic romance (if the focus is on plot/characters). 

I use Word track changes.

Fee and details:

$1.00 per formatted page, payable in two payments via PayPal, the first due after I agree to give feedback about your WIP and the second due when I've notified you the edit is complete.

I offer a free 10-page read to see if we're a good fit. No first drafts please.

Please email me directly if you'd like to explore Story Therapy: boulderboomer@aol.com

Lynda Hilburn

(If you are interested in using writing as a form of therapy, please consider my email workshop: Healing Through Writing: Becoming a Main Character in Your Own Life. http://www.lyndahilburn.com/email_workshops.htm )

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